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The Mental State Music Vision

Every Artist Attached to the Movement:

Endured the darkness and has made the conscious decision to create healing music to form light into the paradigm. Trauma, mental conformity, anxiety, PTSD and many other labeled discomforts are assessed hear in. We believe it is the natural, expressive way of healing through sound and mind.

Every artist is coached on owning all rights of their material and only marketing their works here in an attempt to shone the vicious corporate industries. All profits purchased here go directly to the artist and influence more works of that nature.

Triple Brand Element

Introducing all Three Elements to the Movement

Music Production

Mental State Music

Healing through music by producing material unjust to today's current society.

Publishing Arts

Primal Pen Publishing

Ownership, copyrights, royalty collection and coaching artists to be above the industry.

Non-Profit Series

Smile Factory

Fighting the stigmata of non-profit existence. 100% given away in a recorded series.

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02/16/2017 Smile Factory at Lincoln St Charity Event Payout was $240.

Bee looking forward to Smile Factory episode 003 coming soon!!

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01/26/2017 New Mental Media Services Page (click picture to visit page)

We are now offering Custom Intro/Promotional Videos, Graphic Designs/Logos, Album Covers and Business Cards. See samples and set up your customary art, for a great opportunity to optimize your marketplace.

01/23/2017 Beat Liquid Page - Launched (click picture to visit page)

Get your own exclusive Instrumental/Soundtrack for your original project. Whether it's a song, movie soundtrack or commercial, we've got you covered at an amazing price. Stop using copywritten material and be elligable to collect your own royalties for your hard work. Even if it's just a hobby, you deserve pay for your art and your time spent creating it.

01/22/2017 Derek The Heretik completes track #13 for the UFO Project

Engineered by Russ P at New Wave Sound

Collaborations from Paul Anthony Chavez, MIG and Mr. Lociss

01/06/2017 Mental State Music presents the newest members of the movement

Nico Scarra, Trezident and Raw-Key (click any picture to see the full roster)

Artist Agreements Signed / In Recording Now